Lawmakers should Support Bill To Criminalize Ritual Killing in Nigeria

Lawmakers should Support Bill To Criminalize Ritual Killing in Nigeria

8 March 2022
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Why this petition matters

Women have become endangered species with the recent increase in ritual murders that have pervaded the Nigerian Ecosystem -  a 22-year-old lady, Miss Oluwabamise Ayanwole, was murdered in cold blood by ritualist murderers on Saturday, prior to her death, she has sensed danger, and did a video and audio recording of herself in the BRT, a government-private sector partnership venture to provide safe and affordable transport for Lagosians.

Whilst celebrating all the biases that have been broken, this event of the last 60 hours gives a somber reality of how decayed our society has become due to our lust for quick and unexplained wealth, we celebrate those that should be scorn on society and elevate them like they are the standards we are meant to aspire for.

We see young men display in Nigeria and showcase ritualistic activities that are meant to take us back to the stone age of baser men - they are everywhere at major bus stops, social media platforms, and even at unholy hours performing ritualistic activities - the allure of social media has normalized this absurd behaviour and it needs to STOP. Ritual Killings that involves human sacrifice starts with these open and unfettered display of baser activities. We should wonder and shudder at what they do behind the scene if they have no shame or iota of sobriety to post what they do publicly. WE NEED TO ILLEGALIZE SUCH ABSURD DISPLAY of RITUAL ACTIVITIES BY YOUNG MEN IN NIGERIA.

The Nigerian Global Affairs Council (NiGAC) condemns in its entirety all forms of RITUALS MURDERS, RITUAL ACTIVITIES, RITUAL DISPLAYS, and RITUALIST TENDENCIES practiced by murderous individuals/entities including condemning INDIVIDUALS who act as accessories to these MURDEROUS CRIMES.

We ask that an EMERGENCY be placed on this DEBAUCHERY that has become the NORM in Nigerian Climes.

On this day, we sadly celebrate Miss Oluwabamise Ayanwole because her death has brought to the fore the dastardly act that has pervaded our society, her death has awakened the fact that every one of us is a POTENTIAL (Oluwabamise Ayanwole) VICTIM, we are no longer safe even in places where we assumed we would be safest.

The Nigerian Global Affairs Council (NiGAC) will be working with interested PARTIES in DESIGNING, ADVOCATING, AND IMPLEMENTATION for the passage of the ANTI-RITUAL ACTIVITIES BILL that will amongst others MAKE IT EXTREMELY ILLEGAL to practice openly or behind the CLOSET RITUALIST ACTIVITIES utilizing HUMAN BEINGS as SACRIFICE.

The ANTI-RITUAL ACTIVITIES Bill will seek to achieve the following:

1.) Ritualist Activities that include the administrator (Babalawo or Herbalist) of such ritual killings, the accomplice to such ritual killings, and the beneficiary of such ritual killings will be sentenced to immediate DEATH by HANGING without with an option for APPEAL if their murderous crime of ritual killings is proved beyond every reasonable doubt to be true.

2.) Anyone found to PUBLICLY display RITUALISTIC ACTIVITIES whether on and off social media including within or outside the confines of their abode will be arrested and tried according to the tenets of this LAW and that of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, if found and proven guilty beyond every reasonable doubt, they will be sentenced to jail for between 15-50 years without an option for APPEAL.

3.) This BILL will seek to make LIFE, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS training compulsory for all children of SCHOOL AGE including ADULTS – It means that Nursery, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Institutions must partner with a LIFE, SAFETY, and ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS COMPANY to offer training and simulation exercises that help reduce and prevent these scenarios of needless deaths as seen in recent times. Our people must be equipped to defend themselves and call for help. Any institution found wanting in instituting this training will be held culpable and fined as determined by a Judge in any State or Federal Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This rule also applies to Corporate Organizations and Small Businesses.

4.) A BILL to CREATE an ANTI-RITUAL KILLINGS QUICK RESPONSE VOLUNTEER TASK-FORCE – There won’t be a need for a budget allocation as they will be COMMUNITY ORIENTED and mostly funded through DONATIONS and CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP. Every ANTI-RITUAL KILLINGS VOLUNTEER TASKFORCE will be made up of 2,000 ABLE-BODIED YOUTH above 18 years OLD who reside or work within a PARTICULAR LOCAL GOVERNMENT. This TASKFORCE will be in EVERY LOCAL GOVERNMENT, and they will be the first POINT of CALL whenever a MISSING PERSON report has been echoed out on and OFF SOCIAL MEDIA.

5.) Through this LAW and with the support of the Nigerian Police and TELECOM OPERATORS, the ANTI-RITUAL KILLINGS QUICK RESPONSE VOLUNTEER TASK-FORCE should be allowed IMMEDIATE AND QUICK ACCESS to MISSING PERSON’S PHONE LOCATION IMMEDIATELY – The law allows ANTI-RITUAL KILLINGS QUICK RESPONSE VOLUNTEER TASK-FORCE COMMANDERS in EACH LOCAL GOVERNMENT to make a direct request in a proven case that someone has gone missing even if it is for 10 minutes.

The Nigerian Police Force is not equipped to deal with this DASTARDLY act of RITUAL KILLINGS as the Law states that a person can only be declared missing after 24 hours – we will not ALLOW FEAR RULE us as a Nation. The GOOD PEOPLE of NIGERIA has resolved and DETERMINED that we are going to STOP, REDUCE, AND REMOVE FROM OUR MEMORIES THE ACT OF RITUAL KILLINGS to the dungeon of HISTORY.

It is okay that we are shouting, wailing, and calling out government but we must move beyond EMOTIONS and ensure that we do not have another Miss Oluwabamise Ayanwole on our hands - Miss Oluwabamise Ayanwole represents the COUNTLESS NUMBER OF KNOWN VICTIMS but unknown PERPETRATORS of this VICIOUS MURDEROUS ACT OF RITUAL KILLINGS.


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Signatures: 6,048Next Goal: 7,500
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