Pass the Federal Audit Service Commission (FASC) Bill "Audit Bill" in Nigeria.

Pass the Federal Audit Service Commission (FASC) Bill "Audit Bill" in Nigeria.

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The Office of the Auditor General for the Federation (AuGF) plays a vital role in public financial management and anti-corruption measures, especially by ensuring compliance with financial rules and regulations and due process in public expenditure.

Currently, political interference and Constitutional constraints limit the independence and functioning of the AuGF. 

The AuGF currently lacks the oversight powers to enforce its mandate and there are no sanction measures against defaulting bodies and persons in place. This results in gross financial recklessness and public fund embezzlement that deprive the Nigerian government and people of money needed for development, in sectors such as health and education.

The OAGF reported that 65 MDAs had never submitted their financial statements for audit since January 12, 2017 when he assumed office. Furthemore, the 2017 Audit Report published by the Office of Auditor General for the Federation had defaulting MDAs rising to 265, up from the 160 defiant ones in 2016. The AuGF report noted that as of April 2018, 109 agencies had not submitted their financial statements beyond 2013, while 76 agencies last submitted for the 2010 financial year. 

Calling on President Muhammadu Buhari and the National Assembly to assent to the Federal Audit Service Commission (FASC) Bill "Audit Bill" that seeks to address the aforementioned issues and pivotally reposition the office of the AuGF to rectify many of the legal and institutional lacunae that impede the independence and exercise of oversight audit functions/powers of the office

The passage of the bill will be a major feat in the fight against corruption and would ensure that MDAs submit their yearly audited financial accounts to the Auditor General for the Federation, hence preventing corruption, illicit financial flows, bribery, abuse of public office/trust, money laundering and mismanagement of public funds as reported in the Malabu/Dan Etete Case.

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