Full Implementation of the Nigerian National Youth Policy

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Two years on from its last review in 2018, The Nigerian National Youth Policy has still not been fully implemented with its objectives unfulfilled and forgotten by the Nigerian Government.  We ask the Government of Nigeria to fully implement the policy as a matter of national urgency.


At a time when living as a young person in Africa’s most populous nation has become even more difficult, with Covid-19 intensifying young people’s challenges: rising unemployment rates,  increased incidents of sexual gender-based violence, lack of educational support and a nationwide collapse of small and medium scale businesses – Nigeria’s youth have been deprioritised, left behind and remain invisible to the political elite. As the country reaches a turning point, the problems that young people face can no longer be ignored.


As such, we ask the Government to prioritise investing in and supporting Nigeria’s youth population who are the future of the nation and to fully implement the policy.