Nigeria Presidency Must Stop The Activities Of Deadly Herdsmen Across The Country.

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Many innocent people have been displaced,killed and made to suffer perpetual pain due to the incessant attack by the Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria. 

In recent times, they killed innocent people in the South-South,South East and recently,gruesome attack in Benue and Jos.

Yet,no step has been taking by any arm of our government especially the executives to abort the killing of the innocent souls.

Day by day,our people live in fear and postulate that the Fulani Herdsmen may release mayhem on them and destroy their farms.

These herdsmen also make their cows graze in the farms of the victims thereby destroying their source of livelihood.

Enough is enough and the Federal government should swing to action to save Nigerians and also prevent this from degenerating to war!