A Call for Prof Mahmud Resignation as INEC Chairman in Nigeria.

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In the wake up to the 2015 general Elections in Nigeria, Prof Attahiru Jega managed to gain Public confidence by introducing and allowing the card reader for accreditation. This singular act has made alot of impact in our Electoral system.

Having gained that public reputation successfully and held an election where the Incumbent president lost and accepted the results, we expected a situation where the next Inec Boss will use this achievement as a milestone towards a more credible system in Nigeria. However, Inec Chairman Professor Mahmud Yakub has rather turned a blind eye to this and has degenerated a system that was enhanced prior to his becoming the chairman. 

The Elections held in Edo, Osun, Ekiti, Bayelsa, Kano and the mind burgling day light robbery in kogi state has shown that Professor Mahmud Yakub is planning with the Executed and the ruling party to impose a one party state in Nigeria. This is unacceptable. 

Professor Mahmud Yakubu has overseas a system that allows major electoral flaws like vote buying, day light rigging with over 20 videos of thugs and policemen stealing electoral materials and disrupting the system in the just concluded elections in kogi; yet results were returned and collated by Inec in some of these affected areas.

The last elections held in kogi state was the worst where Inec made it mandatory that card readers must be used but later accepted results without the barking of card reader. Especially from Three LGA of Okene, Adavi and Okehi all belonging to the incumbent and turned in close to and over 90% votes for the incumbent; this is novel in the voting pattern in Nigeria since the inception if elections. Apart from this 3 LGAs no other LGAs was able to produce 30% votes across board. This is pure manipulation which can only be orchestrated by the power that be. (Professor Yakub)

Professor Mahmud Yakubu is corrupt and is messing up the Electoral system in the country. If left to remain, Professor Yakubu will start negotiating electoral offices right from his living room, and at the comfort of his office.

This nonchallance of Inec has lead to the death of numerous people in election violence like in kogi where about 9 people were killed by a party which connived with Inec to rig elections and the killings still continue post elections. Eg. The Burning of PDP women leader and her house to aches even after elections, intimidation and arrest of opposition parties which has continued without redress etc

Politicians now see the power of the guns as a way to secure victory and they are importing guns to the country to give to thugs who will be added to security agency to perfect rigging with the help of Inec officials. See YouTube #kogi elections for limitless videos.

Save the lives of innocent people who only wants to exercise their right to vote and elect their leaders by calling for his resignation.

Today, Inec under the watch of Prof Yakub is aiding rigging, abating criminality,  thumb printing of ballot papers in private residence for politician, disqualification of candidate to create save landing for some politicians, politicians are very safe to perpetrate violence and yet come out victorious because they have inec to announce them.

Announcement of wrong results and adding values to political parties as the case in kogi where election was rig and yet about 13-14 thousand votes were added by inec to the porpoted Gov Elect.

Yakub has brought shame to the system and he should resign now.