Say No ~ Pama Futures Agenda

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Vote No to PAMA Futures agenda.   My Countryman;

  1. There is not enough information provided to be able to make informed decisions that will affect our children futures.
  2. We should have the choice to work with whoever; we think best suits our needs.
  3. We have only been given the information CYP, and CYLC believes we need. Which is their opinions, there is no transparency, no debate on the pros and cons of the agenda or details on implementation.
  4. Where was the open forum to discuss and asked the questions, Did anyone get to speak about mandatory FRC and Income Management in all Communities
  5. Did anyone get to question, the forced assimilation model of regionalising clan groups into preassigned location across Cape York?
  6. Where are the answers they were going to come back to us with? KPMG why are we taking away the only right to control our local org by letting them become a PTY LTD when now under Oric, CYLC answer to the members and we have rights that we can assert.

We "the Assembly of First Nations People of Cape York", passed a resolution at the Pama Summit 2018 that, we will not make uninformed decisions, we will not be given half-truths. In an unopposed vote during the resolution session at the summit, we supported each other and walked out after passing the resolution; We do not endorse any of the changes proposed by Cape York Land Council, Cape York Partnership and Balkanu as part of the PAMA Agenda, Including the restructure of Cape York Land Council.