Petition Update

Regulation 4.3.2

Bryan Rippee
Providence, RI

Aug 7, 2013 — For perspective, I thought I would give you the current rule as it reads, for those of you who aren't familiar with USA Rugby:


Every student--athlete has five (5) consecutive Academic Years of eligibility. Eligibility begins in the Academic Year immediately following high school graduation date or the graduation date of his or her class (as determined by the first year of high school enrollment) or based on the prescribed educational path in the student athletes country.

You can see where this would exclude non-traditional students and veterans; we just kind of fall into a loophole. But the main problem is that they have not been granting waivers for veterans either, so it stands to reason that they didn't just "forget" about us, they are stubborn in their enforcement of what is clearly a bad rule. Please continue to share until we too many signatures to ignore. Free up rugby to be enjoyed by everyone, after all, it's the game they play in heaven!