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Nigel Farage to come back & fight for Brexit

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Nigel Farage stepped down from frontline politics after securing the EU Referendum victory on 23rd June 2016.

Since then UKIP have been in turmoil and slowly but surely the Brexit which 17.4million people voted for, namely to take back control of our laws, borders and fishing grounds as well as having the ability to forge our own trade links around the globe as a free, sovereign nation is being diluted to become meaningless by the established elite and vested interests.

Our PM Theresa May has just announced that we will be Leaving the EU by effectively remaining with the status quo for a minimum until 2021, which will be 5 years from the time of the Referendum.

This is being done to supposedly allow time for Business to plan effectively but we all know that the real reason is to give the Remainers time to continue to work on the public in the hope that another Referendum will be demanded in time for the 2022 General election, where the final nail in Brexits coffin will be hammered.

Only one man has the ability to hold these people up for public scrutiny and ridicule and that man is Nigel Farage, who has proven himself as being the leading Brexiteer now that the Tory Party shills became complicit in Theresa May's monumental stitch up.

Mr Farage needs to make a return to front line politics as the backsliding on Brexit is gathering momentum and like the people of Florence demanded that Cosimo Medici return from exile, now we the people of the UK are demanding that he come back after this latest debacle in Florence.

Nigel your Country needs you more than ever and you are needed to return and unite us so as we can fight for the Brexit which we all hoped for.

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