Stop from posting fake petitions

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Stop from posting fake petitions

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Nigel Cameron (probably an Alias though) is the owner of many so-called petition sites like this one. There is one HUGE difference though. While sites like really do make a difference, Nigel Cameron's site are out to make money, plain and simple, and they do it in the most horrible way. They use horrific photographs, of child abuse, animal abuse or anything else that they can find, make up a heart-breaking story to go with it and put it on the internet. 

Once these "petitions" hit the social media sites like Facebook, they go viral, attracting thousands of visitors per hour. These decent people fill in their email address to sign the "petition", allowing the criminal who owns the site to sell the addresses on, to marketing companies or whoever else will pay for them. The site owner also gets paid for every person who visits the site, from the people who pay to advertise on it - money from the advertisers, money from the buyers of the email addresses - this is what the websites are all about, NOT animal welfare, justice for abused children or anything else, just money.

These FAKE petitions damage the hard work being done by REAL charities and REAL petition sites, they also allow a CRIMINAL to earn money by selling YOUR email address to other criminals or unscrupulous individuals or companies

PLEASE check what links you are clicking on when you are facebook and other social media sites, DON'T share OR sign from any of these "organisations"

Here is a list of some of Nigel Cameron's facebook pages: .org .org

and here are some websites that give more information on the frauds:

and finally, here is a list of REAL petitions sites: (not to be confused with the illegitimate


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