Say No To Football Behind Closed Doors - No Fans = No Football

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I've been  a loyal supporter of Aston Villa all my life & have watched every single home game since August 1968. In that time I  have initially witnessed at first hand the huge fall from grace, ignominy & humiliation of being relegated to the old 3rd Division in 1970 to the sheer joy & ecstasy of being crowned Champions Of Europe by winning the 1982 European Cup Final in Rotterdam.

Subsequently, just imagine my sheer horror & disgust  at discovering  that the powers that be currently running English professional football are now seriously considering playing season 2019-2020 to a conclusion behind closed doors without the regular fans.

Basically, my initial reaction is that  it's two fingers up to all of us loyal fans everywhere up & down the country.

Forget the fans & their feelings. They simply don't matter & they simply don't count.

Were we consulted? No.

Have we been canvassed? No.

Have we been treated with total & utter contempt? Yes. e.g. Liverpool fans have waited 30 years to witness their first ever Premier League title. Surely their loyal fans deserve to be there celebrating deliriously where & when it finally happens? Ask Liverpool Captain Jordan Henderson if he'd really like to raise the Premier League trophy triumphantly aloft to the Kop in an empty Anfield stadium? It's completely insane. A total nonsense.

Many loyal fans like me, up & down the country have put their money where their mouth is by purchasing season tickets well before a ball was even kicked in earnest this season. We were a welcome part of the alleged football family then by clubs  happy to take our money so what's changed? If we don't count now this season are you expecting fans to rush out & buy season tickets & subscribe to sports channels all over again next season if you can't even guarantee a start or an end of any season from now on? If we don't count in your equation this season then surely by definition we don't count in it next season either. By ignoring, disregarding & discounting fans  passionate feelings on this critical issue & treating us all  with such utter disdain & contempt, clubs are running a genuine risk that some regular football fans may come to this very same  conclusion too, accept & realize  that you really think we don't matter & subsequently lose the habit &  walk away from football for good never to return to the `Beautiful Game`.

Basically, a short term fix for a long term gain may ultimately prove as pyrrhic as it is both illusory & myopic?

There is no doubting or denying  that Coronavirus has had a devastating &  enervating effect on all aspects of life & football is obviously no different but surely we as fans cannot allow ourselves to be totally disregarded & dictated to in this way on this very important football matter?

Suffice it to say, Football should return with the fans in attendance when & as soon as it is safe again to do so.

So. The bottom line is this:


It  inevitably makes the professional game appear as heartless, soulless & as infinitely detached as those cold, empty & clinical VAR officials viewing the games from Stockley Park.

In concluding,I personally believe that one of the best ways to remove `Football Behind Closed Doors` as even being an option or a policy worth considering by the relevant authorities & powers that be  is to kill any such notion or idea stone dead at birth & in signing this petition I genuinely believe that  together, we the fans & the true life blood of the `Football Family`  & `Beautiful Game` can prove that  collectively our voice really, really does matter & can  carry a really positive & seminal impact on  influencing this very important issue.