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Increase Prison sentences for Child abusers in Northern Ireland

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As some of you will know this is a subject that is close to the heart of everyone in my family after a recent incident In the past couple of years we're my beautiful niece who was 2 years and 4 months old at the time was left with life long disabilities after being the victim of a brutal and vicious attack , "Grevious bodily harm with intent'  , and due to the offender only getting a jail term of 13 years which could be halved as he will be assessed after half the time is served to see if he is aloud to be released  this  has angered me so much that I have decided to start this petition, to get better justice for innocent children in Northern Ireland that have been a victim of abuse, the sooner these low life scumbag are taken off are streets and put behind bars for a long time the better , to keep kids safe ! This absolute waste of life stole my Niece's future and I want to do everything within my power to make sure scumbags like this get a proper sentence which they deserve , if this is a subject that you feel strongly about pease take a minute and sign my petition and together we canget these vermin put away for a longer period of time !!!

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