Restrain avoidable usage of drinkable water

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Access to safe drinking water has been a grave problem for India, Government records show that in 1980, just 1% of India’s rural areas had access to safe, usable water. By 2013, that had increased to 30%, but the majority of rural India continues to live without proper access to safe drinking water.

The Asian Development Bank has forecast that by 2030, India will have a water deficit of 50 per cent. The Union Ministry of Water Resources has estimated the country’s current water requirements to be around 1100 billion cubic metres per year, which is estimated to be around 1200 billion cubic metres for the year 2025 and 1447 billion cubic metres for the year 2050.

With a projected population growth of 1.4 billion people by 2050, the total available water resources would barely match the total water requirement of the country.

Still the advertisements, serials and movie shows the water as a free resource and is easily available. Many times they make artificial rain just to create the scene. The advertisements of shower, water fittings also consumes ~hundred litres of water is wasted in these. Moreover, kids and people learn from such advertisements and end up in wasting water. 

This petition is :

1. To restrict creation of such advertisements which shows water wastage

2. Restrict playing of already created advertisements which shows water wastage, or at least they should mention message in bold - that water is important resource use it wisely.

3. Limit all kind of movie/serial makers to shoot only in natural rains.    

Please help me in signing this petition and saving water for tomorrow.