Making Nicosia a great musical capital of the EU

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Imagine this: 

You park your car in the old city of Nicosia, and start walking. You've had a long day and are feeling a bit tired and down. As you walk down the city streets, you start to hear the most beautiful sound in the world; live acoustic music played by brilliantly talented musicians. 

The sounds are coming from cultural ventures that line the streets. They waft from Xanthis Xenierou, Tricoupi, Ermou, Phaneromeni, Ledras, Onosagorou and Makarios Avenue. You walk on a cloud of magical live music. 

As you walk you hear Jazz, Blues, Rembetika, Fado, Classical Music, Country Music, Reggae, Latin Music, Soul Music, Folk music from the region, World Music. All played live by expert musicians. 

The music works on your mood. Your heart lifts, and life looks good again.

This is what Nicosia could be, with the right cultural development.

Click here to read the full plan presented to the Nicosia Municipality.