Keep Adam Thiel as a Nicolet Teacher

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Dear Nicolet High School and Dr. Kobylski,

Keeping Mr. Adam Thiel, as an Engineering, Technology and Design Instructor is very important to not only  the community, the school, but most importantly the students that attend Nicolet High School. We, as students, have dealt with a lot of change over the past years and changing the engineering teacher is not one we want.

Mr. Thiel has done so much for students during his five-years at Nicolet. Students that have taken his classes know that he is one of the most creative, knowledgeable, and inspirational teachers that work at Nicolet. In his classes you not only learn about Engineering but you learn about the real world, and get an explanation about why something is important in this world. With this method of teaching students get a wide range of education and hands on experiences that encourage them to do more in the community.

Last year, Mr. Thiel asked the students of his robotics class if they wanted a FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition for Science and Technology, Robotics Team. The students overwhelmingly wanted one, even with the agreement that it is student lead. In the first year, Nicolet FEAR had 43 student members. Students from all different backgrounds came together to design/build a robot, or to gain knowledge in the business field. What they did not know, is the amount of real-world experience they obtained in a short 6-week build season. Even though the team did not win many matches the first year, the students got a rare hands on experience that not many students get to obtain. The friendships they made will last a lifetime.

This year, Nicolet FEAR used the knowledge they gained last year and made proper changes to strive for greatness. These changes took a lot of time and effort by not only the students, but also the mentors of Nicolet FEAR, like Mr. Thiel. The school board noticed the commitment that the staff and students have put into Nicolet FEAR and were very impressed at what they could achieve. In just a short amount of time, Nicolet FEAR, has not only impressed the community but also people around the world. Students have not been more excited to go to school and look forward to something in their school day.

Because of the desire to build a full program that has been expressed by not only Mr. Thiel but the students on the team, Nicolet FEAR has spread into the local middle schools. After the first year of running a middle school robotics team at Maple Dale Middle School, students and parents from Bayside and Glen Hills have expressed their interest as well. We do note that we could not have built such an exciting program without the support from Nicolet High School, and the students really appreciate it!

However, we are very certain that if anything happens to Mr. Adam Thiel, Nicolet FEAR may not exist anymore. Mr. Thiel has put hours and hours into this program and teaching students how to do certain tasks. It would be nearly impossible to replace a mentor with his experience and passion. Mr. Thiel has been making sure that Nicolet FEAR is a sustainable program with introducing a steering committee as well. We note this because Mr. Thiel recognizes how important it is for students to get more than a standard education.

If you remove Mr. Adam Thiel from Nicolet High School you will be hindering the momentum and possible future of the Nicolet FEAR Team. This will most definitely negatively affect the entire community. Also, you will be removing the students’ rights to have a more than standard education that they can apply to their futures. This is why this petition has only been written by students. We feel strongly about the need to keep Mr. Thiel at Nicolet for this reason. Students that have had Mr. Thiel in the past or currently have signed the petition.



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