Make Venner Road safe for residents

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Recent events have once again shown how dangerous Venner Road, Annerley is for local residents.

A pedestrian was tragically killed by an out-of-control vehicle on Monday 20th August while on his daily walk. He was hit as a result of a two car collision while waiting on the footpath for a break in traffic. While changing conditions to Venner Road could not have saved this pedestrian it has highlighted the need for drastic changes to pedestrian access across Venner Road to protect people.

I am proposing that the Brisbane City Council implement two changes to make the road safer:

1. Close off Lagonda Street from Venner Road; still allow a left-hand turn from Lagonda Street.

2. Install a pedestrian light crossing on the western side of Frederick Street across to Lagonda Street. This will provide safe pedestrian access to Fairfield Train Station.

Please sign this petition so that the death of this pedestrian isn't in vain. He fought hard for a safer road and unfortunately predicted his own death. Brisbane City Council need to address the safety concerns of this road now!