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Let's get trichotilamania recognised

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I am a parent of a child who has  trichotillomania. For people who don't know this is an obsesive compulsion disorder also known as a brfb (body focused repetetive behaviour) where a person may pull their hair or pick their skin. It has been linked to anxiety and sensory processing disorder. This condition is not recognised as a disability as it is rare and their is also no free treatment for this via the NHS that I have found. I'm hoping with this petition to find more parents with children who suffer from this condition, get it recognised and get children the free help they deserve. Anyone who suffers with this condition or who has a child who suffers knows how devastating this condition can be. My daughter has seen therapist but none of these people know or understand this condition. It's extremely well known in America and I think we need more medical professionals in this country who understand this condition. My daughter has been battling with this condition for 4 years and still I've had no luck finding anyone who can help.

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