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Doctors said four month old Alexya Morton would die within two weeks without a compatible liver, and that they didn't have one.  It was I, her Father, who offered to donate, but the Mother threatened the doctors with a HIPPA lawsuit and stopped my effort.  I filed an emergency motion in Palm Beach County Circuit Court to attempt to save my daughter's life.  The Mother, Jessica Kate Morton, hired Attorney Andrea Johnson-White to fight against this emergency motion.  The doctors had committed medical malpractice and there was a financial incentive for me to not be the Father.  This attorney lied to the Court-- a crucial material misrepresentation of fact that later resulted in a Florida Bar complaint, and a lawsuit-- saying in writing my daughter had been hospitalized since May 20th, or almost the entire duration of the original DNA order that was filed BEFORE my daughter was sick and BEFORE there was an incentive to profit financially from the medical malpractice that befell her.  Records proved this was a lie, just like I said.  The outcome?  They used an incompatible liver when she had less than 24 hours to live, and it resulted in a hole in the intestine, a collapsed lung, cardiac arrest, the liver ending up on the outside of the body.  You can read the full story at  Today, Andrea Johnson-White, the lawyer who lied, knowing that the child was in dire need of life or death medical services that a reasonable person (the Father and the surgeons) would consider necessary for the wellbeing of the child, sits on the Board of Directors of the Whole Child Connection of Martin County, partially funded with (y)our tax money.  This act or omission resulted in permanent disability, serious bodily injury, and permanent disfigurement.  It was a predictable and preventable outcome.  She's in no position to be directing anything about connecting whole children.  She prevented a child from being whole.  Andrea Johnson-White:  Wrong Under The Law, and Wrong For Martin County's Children.  We petition for her removal from the Board of Directors of this taxpayer funded entity. 

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