Beg NYSDOT to Install a LEFT TURN ONLY LANE on Union Turnpike EB to New Hyde Park Road NB

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At the intersection of Union Turnpike (Eastbound) to New Hyde Park (Northbound), New Hyde Park, NY, the shared left turn and through lane is a source of traffic backup.  During peak traffic times, drivers often have to wait for at least five cycles of the traffic signal. Also, at times a left turning car cannot move because the car in front intends to go straight through the intersection.

For the volume of traffic on this road, there should be a dedicated LEFT TURN ONLY LANE. There appears to be adequate room in the intersection to easily accommodate some reconfiguration and the traffic signal already has a left turn arrow.  Improvements are desperately needed! 

Personal story
For the last year, Lakeville Estates Civic Association has been requesting Nassau County Department of Public Works and New York State Department of Transportation to consider reconfiguring this intersection with a dedicated LEFT TURN ONLY LANE. Yesterday, the civic was informed NYSDOT, who has jurisdiction on Union Turnpike, denied the request for installation of a left turn only lane.

The civic has heard from members, residents of New Hyde Park, shoppers of Lake Success Mall and the traveling public the frustration of driving through the intersection.  In fact, it took a member 20 minutes last evening to pass through the intersection.

Have any of the representatives, who denied this request, sat through seven cycles of the light  before finally driving through the intersection?

Change at this intersection is desperately needed!

The solution is simple:  ADD A LEFT TURN ONLY LANE!