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More Safety On Our School Bus's

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We have a growing epidemic of bullying of children on our school bus's. Not only by the other children but also by our bus drivers. Our bus drivers are overwhelmed by the amount of children they are supposed to supervise while attempting to keep their eyes on the road. The safety of getting our children from their bus stop to school and back is being compromised by children who act up, bully and have no respect for the bus drivers themselves. I can see how stressful that job must be and with all this stress I am seeing a rise in the drivers yelling, cursing and encouraging other children to help them control the bus with violence. After personal experience with this involving my own children, I took to Facebook and quickly found out that I am not alone. There are hundreds of other families dealing with this exact problem all over Douglas County and not getting anywhere in their attempts to make changes. I am petitioning to have more adult supervision on each of these bus's in an attempt to help the situation by giving the drivers another set of eyes and ears to control these bus's more efficiently. If this petition goes the direction I want each bus will have one more adult riding every single day. I realize that these bus's are equipped with cameras that also record audio but unless someone is reviewing these tapes every single day so much can be missed and in the case of my own children a lot of audio was so fuzzy they couldn't make out what was actually said. Please if you are dealing with this situation in your own lives or agree with me at I would appreciate all the signatures I can get. I will be taking this petition upon completion to the school board, the superintendent, the bus services and also to Kate Brown. I know everyone cares about our children's safety but it's time to act and make the changes we so desperately need.

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