Please Michael Keenan MP Sort out the disfunctional mess that is Centrelink!

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Please Michael Keenan MP Sort out the disfunctional mess that is Centrelink and stop allowing sudden payment cuts that leave the sick and vulnerable to be left without money for food and bills.

Jane had a stroke leaving her very ill. Her payments were cut off within a week of her stroke. Being left with no payments and dealing with Centrelink while she was very ill was a nightmare for her and her family. 

Recently a young family of 5 were left completely incomeless for a month due to disscommunication with between departments. This was a mistake by the department. It devastated this family not only financially but mentally as well. Children should not be made to go with out food because a department is dissfunctional and needs serious overhaul. 

There are thousands more stories like this around Australia. It is unacceptable in a developed country such as this. 

People who access Centrelink are struggling and at their lowest point. We see ads everywhere talking about how serious mental health is in this country yet Centrelink as a whole do not seem to comprehend the extreme mental stress that people are suffering while trying to sort out their payments. 

Please change this difficult and dangerous system.