Together, lets silence Fireworks.

Together, lets silence Fireworks.

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Ashleigh Thompson started this petition to Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister) and

Before you make a SNAP JUDGEMENT and simply dismiss and bypass my Petition, I ask that you allow me to take up only 5 minutes of your time to read my proposition and points of view.

We all love fireworks, don't we? The beautiful bright colours, the dazzling displays, the bangs, booms and crackles that can be heard and seen for miles around. Friends, families, neighbours and communities getting together at various times of year to share these beautiful colours and special occasions. Too most, the answer to my question is yes. We do. However, to many, the answer is a resounding NO! To many of us, and to our pets, the bangs, booms and crackles cause needless anxiety and stress and it is now time for us to act on this together and stop the unnecessary anxiety caused and make change in a positive way and silence those fireworks.

For pet owners across our country I am sure you can empathize with me when I say I hate fireworks and what they do to my pets. I have two dogs, Lucy a 4-year-old Puggle and Molly a 12-year-old Jack Russell. I dread every year, the lead up to, and night, of Bonfire night. New Year also poses a problem these days. Fireworks going off in and around the area I live causing hours, days and in the run up to, weeks, of bangs, booms and endless noise leaving my dogs, in particular my older dog, Molly, endless days and nights of anxiety and stress. I am aware I cannot talk for everyone, but I can share my experience with fireworks. Since she was a pup of 5 months old and experienced her first night of fireworks, Molly has suffered needlessly throughout her life on a number of occasions each year, namely Hogmanay and Bonfire night and the run up to both. Fireworks going off throughout the day and all through the night leave Molly shaking, wetting herself, taking panic attacks, injuring herself when she tries to hide in the smallest of spaces, and, for the past few years she is now even self-harming. What I can only imagine she is trying to do is distract herself from the fear of the loud bangs and noise leaves her gnawing at her paws so much so as to the extent of breaking the skin and ripping her claws off. Her pain and anxiety is now not only at the time of the fireworks going off but for weeks after when she is left still shaking and sore from her self-harming and the whole experience. Every year, at this time when fireworks are being let off, I fear that this will be her last days with me due to the absolute terror she goes through and I always wonder at her age, 'can her wee heart take anymore?'


This is very clearly my perspective and point of view on what the noise of fireworks does to my much-loved pets, Molly and Lucy, but do you ever think, 'What does it do to other Pets? What does it do to our surrounding wildlife?'.


Is it only our Pets and Wildlife that are afraid?

It is not just our pets and surrounding wildlife that is affected by the fear of noise created by fireworks. Many children, adults of all ages and other groups of people within society are also affected deeply by the noise and fear created from fireworks as can be seen on many websites on the internet. The most common side effects of firework noise in our Pets is: Anxiety. Uncontrollable trembling. Panic attacks. Excessive drooling. Excessive barking. Wetting and soiling themselves. Injury when trying to hide in small spaces. High heart rate. Self-inflicted wounds. Worst case scenario can even be heart attacks resulting in death.

As can be seen on there are many ways in which we can try to ease the anxiety and stress of our pets when fireworks are in proximity, however, we can never fully exhaust these infliction's through the sheer loudness and bangs generated when they explode.


Accidents and Attacks.

You only need to pick up a daily newspaper or look on social media and online content to be reminded at this time of year of the countless reports of accidents to people and children through the wrongful use of fireworks not to mention the disgusting and mindless attacks on emergency services workers such as the Fire Service and Police as seen here

These attacks are also inflicted on animals where sick minded individuals and groups think it entertaining to strap fireworks to poor, defenseless animals for their unacceptable idea of entertainment or pretend to be throwing a stick to a dog as can be seen on

Another example can be seen where a Horse recently got spooked when a firework landed in her field in close proximity to her and she, through pure fear, jumped the fence of her field trying to escape and landed on a road and was hit by an oncoming car causing life threatening injuries as can be seen here

I could list countless examples and proof of the cruelty endured to animals through the noise and misuse of fireworks and like most, it brings me to tears reading about these incidents. The pain, suffering, fear and terror brought to our much-loved pets and wildlife really is unnecessary.

These are just a few examples of the cruelty endured to people and our pets through the noise and inappropriate use of fireworks and I am well aware that I am simply one person who cannot change the world in which we live in and I can never bring about a change where I alone can create a worldwide ban on fireworks and the dangers they create. I can however voice my concerns and ask people to think about how I, and we, can make a difference in the use of fireworks and to somehow bring about positive change that will help and ease the fear of our pets, our wildlife and our emergency service providers who have to attend the emergency calls for the misuse of fireworks.

I am not saying or suggesting that we need to impose a complete ban on Fireworks. Why should my voice be heard and my desire for the noise and safety of fireworks be heard over that of the voice of enjoyment and fun where fireworks are concerned. Why should I get what I want? Why should others get what they want? The answer to this question is simple. We should all get what we want and find a common middle ground.


So, what can we do?

Over time there has been many petitions created to have fireworks and the use of fireworks in public places banned, but all to no real avail. I ask you why?

Do our Government and local Councils not think we have the right to bring forward positive change?

Do our Government and local Councils not care about the needless anxiety, fear, terror and harm that comes to not only our Pets and surrounding Wildlife but also to children, certain groups within society and Emergency Service workers who suffer through fear, accidents and mindless attacks?

The time has come for our Government and Local Councils to sit up and listen and take responsibility and action for this issue.

Change needs to take place NOW! Rules, regulations and laws require change, adherence and passing to make this senseless cause for stress, anxiety and danger a thing of the past.

I am aware a lot of you are reading this and disagreeing with what I say and oppose my points. I am aware that many people are of the opinion 'Well its my garden and I can do what I want in my garden and if I want to let off fireworks I can!'. I agree with you. It is your garden and to an extent we can all do as we please within our own confines, that of which is socially acceptable within today's society. The flip side is 'why should I sit in absolute fear, in my own home, next door to your garden where you are letting off fireworks. Why should I have no sleep tonight because my dog is absolutely terrified to the extent, she is taking panic attacks which could bring on the possibility of a heart attack caused by the fireworks being let off, by you, in your garden?'

Who is right and who is wrong? Where is the compromise from either party?

So, lets compromise. I propose this as the compromise and that Laws, Rules and Regulations be put in place for the following:

1. Fireworks be silent.

Many towns and villages, as well as event holders across the world, use Silent Fireworks to ensure the needless stress and anxiety of Pets, surrounding Wildlife and people with fear of noises don't need to suffer, as can be seen here

With this in place the wider society can still enjoy the vast colour displays and beauty that is a firework without the noise which causes all too many people and animals stress and anxiety.

2. The use of Fireworks be restricted to Firework Safe Zones only.

The Government and Local Councils can dedicate SAFE ZONES for which the use of Fireworks is perfectly acceptable and in a non-built up area, so it can be safely monitored and controlled and where members of the public can easily gain access to watch those Safe, Silent Firework Events.

3. No Fireworks being let off in gardens or built-up areas.

This coinciding with rule 2 would allow people to attend and participate in controlled firework events and allow people who have fears themselves or pets with fears to have greater peace of mind that they are safe in their own homes without the worry of neighboring houses letting off fireworks on their very doorstep.

4. Sale of Firework Laws.

As can be seen on this official website there are Laws in place with regards to the use and sale of fireworks however these laws are very clearly not stringent enough as they are not obeyed when you can see in the newspapers every day at this time of year the high number of attacks on animals, pets and emergency service workers. This is not acceptable and stricter Laws and tougher Penalties must be imposed to ensure this becomes a thing of the past.

Thank you for taking the time to read my petition.

I hope you will join me in this, by signing my petition, and helping me to try and bring positive change and compromise and an environment that we can all coexist.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!