Open Scotland’s schools fully in August without social distancing

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Scotland’s level of new Covid infections is currently very low. The R number is falling. There are 2 months to go until schools go back, yet the Scottish Government seems to be resigned to part-time schooling (2 days a week or even less) due to social distancing rules.

This should be a LAST RESORT, not Plan A. Countries with similarly low levels of infection, such as Denmark, have already opened schools and no second wave has occurred. There is growing evidence to suggest young children under 10 are not big contributors to the spread of COVID. 

I’d ask the Scottish Government to consider opening schools fully with no social distancing if the disease is still suppressed to low levels by August. Focus instead on tracking, tracing and isolating cases to manage outbreaks of Covid at a local level, closing schools locally if required.

Please do not put a wrecking ball through the education of every child in Scotland for a disease that poses an extremely low risk to them. 

Allow parents the ability to assess the risk to our own families based on our own individual circumstances. To manage the risk to teachers with underlying health conditions, allow them to remain working from home, perhaps delivering online lessons to high-risk children and their families who wish to continue home schooling if that is what they feel is best for them. But please, get the majority of our children back to school before irreparable damage is done to their education and mental health. We cannot wait until there’s no risk, or for a vaccine.