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Did you know that female cats and dogs who are not neutered by 6 months old are more than 90% more likely to get mammary gland cancer? 

Mammary gland cancer is the fourth most common cancer in animals and can kill your beloved pet within weeks of diagnosis. 

I'm hoping to pass 'nalas law'. The law is designed to enforce veterinarians, breeders and cat protection services to let owners know about the risk of mammary gland cancer. For example:

- At every female dog/cats first vet appointments, vets would be advised to issue a leaflet on mammary gland cancer which would include the risks, importance of neutering under 6 months if they plan to neuter and the symptoms to look for. The same would apply to breeders and cat protection services. 

If we neutered every animal then breeding would be affected so obviously, a law to impose neutering before 6 months is unrealistic, yet imposing the suggested Nalas Law would better educate pet parents about mammary gland cancer and allow them to make a well informed decision. 

I only recently was made aware of mammary gland cancer due to my beautiful cat Nala having it at 11 years old. Within two weeks of diagnosis, we had to make the devastating decision to let Nala gain her angel wings after the cancer had ravaged her body. 

85% of mammary gland tumors are malignant and spread quickly. 90% of cases of mammary gland cancer could be avoided with neutering before the age of 6 months. 

Whether you choose to neuter your pet or not is entirely your decision and I certainly wouldn't judge anyone who chose not to, but If you choose to neuter your pet, then doing so sooner rather than later could save their lives.

I can't bring Nala back but in her name we can make a difference. 

Please sign the petition and help me get this noticed by the people who can make a change.

Thank you.

Holly x