Give fathers better access rights. I want to be in my daughters life!

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As Fathers we have no ability to enforce our rights to see our children without legal action. The system dictates we must seek legal action at cost. The system doesn’t dictate mothers illegally withhold children without due cause and without repercussions in the first instance. This has to change. I want to see fathers share and sign this petition to help each other. My daughter Ava has been taken from me with no other choice being left but to cripple myself. Emotionally and financially. Is our only choice to be dictated to by a sometimes unfair system? Why should our only option be to pay thousands of pounds in legal fees?We deserve to see our daughters without this burden, and spiteful distasteful mothers deserve to be guided fairly by correctly placed protocol, to stop children being taken away from their rightful place with their father. I don’t want anything more than a fair resolve.  I want to see my daughter without incident and I know many men are in the same position. Help us try and be noticed.