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Another Scottish Independence Referendum Should be Disallowed!!

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The people of Scotland need to urgently realise that another independence referendum is the worst possible decision in current affairs.


KEY NOTE - Scotland currently has a higher deficit than that of Greece, who is currently bankrupt!!

  1.  Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and the rest of the SNP already received the grant to hold an independence referendum on Thursday 18th September 2014. It was announced the following day that infact the SNP had lost to an overwhelming majority of which 55% of Scotland voted NO in order to remain within the UK. Usually, a vote is meant to represent, democratically, the views that a group of people hold, and in this case, that group of people was Scotland. When Scotland voted NO this means NO!! BY holding another referendum, the First Minister is deliberately ignoring the views of 55% of Scottish people and disregarding their democratic opinion. If the First Minister cannot respect her country's opinions, I would urge her to step down because the job is most definitely not the right one for her. 
  2. We don't often get second chances. For instance, we don't get the second chance to vote again on the EU Referendum because this was yet again a democratic decision. The whole point in a democracy is to represent the people's views, but the first minister can only understand her own views and when she doesn't get her own way, she then calls on another referendum. Ask yourself a question. Is this the person you want to lead our country into bankruptcy? Is this the person you want to lead our country into a hole which we cant get out of? Why fix something that isnt broken?


I ask the First Minister this question - What do you actually want to achieve through yet another independence referendum that we don't already have at the current time. The only thing that many no voters are able to see is that you are driving business away, due to unforeseen risk. Right now, we don't have this form of risk -  hence the reason we are not broken.

If we have a higher deficit than Greece, how will we cope on our own? What happens if the referendum ends up failing? What will you do then? The UK wont let us back, so where will you go for the money that you need because your party is stealing it? What will you do then?

You can keep trying and trying but all you are actually doing is ruining our country and the morals that come with it. Since SNP came into power all they have done is ruin our education system and want many referendums for no apparent reason. I also find it rather strange how the First Minister wants to leave the UK but for some reason doesn't want to leave the EU. It seems to me that the First MInister enjoys going against anything that the UK Government has to say.


If you don't want our country to be ruined, then I urge you to vote against the Second Independence Referendum.

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