Tory, Our Children shouldn’t have to pay for school meals or clubs!!!

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We as a people must recognise our youth as our King and needless to say the Tories government clearly don't feel the same way! 

The U.K Has a leading education system yet we don’t put our youth, our future ahead of ourselves! We lead by example, yet set one to the rest of the world that states our future society will be one of need. 

Instead of focusing on removing public university fees we force our children to pay for school meals and school clubs. 

The majority of our schools are now being forced to privatise, the government no longer want local councils making decisions. Does no one see a major issue with corporations leading at the hand to fule their money into our public schools? 

Academies forcing teachers into unethical behaviour! I have come across a teacher (whom I will not disclose) they have stated they have been forced to change results if targeted grades are not met. Academy leaders are scared to have funding cut and teachers are left in situations where they seem to be underperforming. That was the reasoning I was given. I feel It is outrageous and an absolute disgrace!


Nicky Morgan,

do you care to comment to the above?

Will you deny the ongoings at academy schools, or is our secretary of state for education completely unaware of what is actually happening?