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Stop Female Genital Mutilation within the Dawoodi Bohra

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I hail from the Dawoodi Bohra community, whose head is called the Syedna – we are a sect of the Shias, which came to India from Yemen some centuries ago and as far as I am aware is the only Islamic group who practice Female "circumcision" along with male circumcision. 

When I was 7 I remember being told I have a doctors appointment, but I was taken to this house with this other girl. The other girl was taken upstairs and I could hear her scream, soon after it was my turn. I was taken into one of the bedrooms where I found one of my Mudrasa teacher. She to lay down and  pulled up my dress and take my panties off, and we were asked to keep our legs apart. There were my mother and some aunts holding my legs apart and then I felt something cold being applied to my clitoris, and then to my horror, my Mudrasa teacher, actually held a scissor-like instrument and did something – I screamed and screamed but no one seemed to care. 18 years to now I found out it was Female Genital Mutilation. I confronted my mum and she told me reluctantly that it was so I can have control over the "sexual desires so I don't become like a prostitute", after, I got angry, my mum accused me of going against the religion and complained to my dad who then said "who told her about this" as if I was never supposed to know about this VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS

I am against male and female circumcision, as both is done WITHOUT CONSENT. However Female Genital Mutilation is done due to "DISGUISED MISOGYNY". The circumcision is to discourage masturbation and makes experiencing an an orgasm difficult. It limits the possibility of sexual pleasure from the stimulation of the clitoris. The circumcision exposes the nerve endings and direct contact makes the area hypersensitive and painful to prolonged touch

Most women in the religious community are TOO SCARED to speak out publicly. We fear ostracise, social boycott and exclusion of our families from the rest of the community by our religious clergy if we object to the continuation of this practice.

FGM has NO HEALTH BENEFITS, in fact it harms girls and women in many ways. It involves removing and damaging healthy and normal female genital tissue, and interferes with the natural functions of girls' and women's bodies. FGM is often done without anaesthesia, without medical supervision and sometimes the procedure goes horribly wrong.

It often leads to pain, shock, tetanus, genital sores, excessive bleeding, etc. It also has long-lasting psychological impact on the victims, ranging from sexual disorders, fear of sexual intimacy, nightmares and post traumatic stress disorder.

From the large number of blogs and letters I have read many women remember the humiliating event vividly but don't understand what has happened until much later on in life because IT IS NOT SPOKEN OF AT ALL until when the time comes for the procedure to be done. Many women don't want the procedure done to their children either but the children are often SECRETLY taken away to get it done. 

This petition is to BREAK THE SILENCE! I want Nicky Morgan to do more to stop FGM in the UK. The community of Islam I was brought up in is very little known off however not a small one. The fact that FGM is compulsory is also kept very quiet and the fact it is done illegally... in a bedroom has to stop. 

Please sign this and share to put a stop to this horrifying violation so we can also bring  to light FGM as a whole to light for the sake of Human Rights!!

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