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Keep Arts in the Curriculum

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We are proud to work in the arts and would love you to join our campaign and sign this petition if you are too and if you believe:

1. Arts should be kept in the curriculum.

2. We want our children and their children to benefit from arts professionals' expertise. To get a well rounded and all inclusive education that will enable them to grow as people and individuals.

3. The Government should stop trying to scare young people away from creative subjects by using potential income as a threat.

The arts are not a "soft subject".

They are a vital and integral part of the curriculum and of the cultural life of the UK.

We asked our followers and members whether they thought that the arts should be kept in the curriculum and we were completely overwhelmed by the response we got via Twitter, Facebook and email. We had a lot of responses from people who no longer work in the arts but have actually benefitted from participating in it themselves, saying that arts had an amazingly positive impact on their lives and their careers. That is the overwhelming message we are getting from a large amount of people.


What Nicky Morgan MP Says:

“it takes a pretty confident 16-year-old to have their whole life mapped out ahead of them - then the arts and humanities were what you chose. Because they were useful for all kinds of jobs. Of course now we know that couldn’t be further from the truth, that the subjects that keep young people’s options open and unlock doors to all sorts of careers are the STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering and maths.... ...too many young people are making choices age 15 which will hold them back for the rest of their lives”.  Nicky Morgan MP.

Statements like this from Nicky Morgan MP are not only insulting to thousands of highly skilled, hard working teachers and arts practitioners, it shows a real lack of understanding from the Government about how people learn as individuals and how the arts can actually be used to enhance the STEM subjects. The statement was very misguided and sends out the wrong message to thousands of young people. 

"I should tell the Treasury that the arts are not an add-on to people’s lives; not an optional extra. Art is integral to life. It enhances it. It civilises and helps build a rounded personality. It encourages people from other countries to visit us and promotes cultural understanding, which in today’s world is needed more than ever." – John Major


What We Want To Happen:

We believe that the arts are not a soft subject. They are vitally important and can offer valuable life skills and confidence to young people. We urge you to add your voice to our campaign and put pressure on Nicky Morgan to Keep Arts in the Curriculum.

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