Remake The Loud House cartoons to be more Child-Appropriate!

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Hello, My name is Christopher Critton Jr. I am one the Nickelodeon fans of The Loud House. I might just a guy fan taking a BIG step to talk some sense to the authorities, but at least I am doing this for a GOOD Cause to change the world literally. So, please do hear me out, heed my call, send THIS message out, spread the word, and  pass it on. I have trillions of friends who also love THIS show as well. But as we did some research on The Loud House show, we ran into some SHOCKING news, we have ALL found out there were hidden inappropriate, ADULT content and all the PARENTS were furious, cross, livid, and disappointed in the Nickelodeon people. The fans are STILL hurt and heartbroken because what they did to the story, the characters, the plot, and the personalities of gay and lesbian relationships was OFF LIMITS,INAPPROPRIATE, WRONG, DESPICABLE, DISGRACEFUL, DISTASTEFUL,  DISGUSTING, OFFENSIVE, CRUEL, GROSS, SEXUAL, PERVERTED, DEPRAVED, INSULTING, UNWANTED, APPALLING, PATHETIC,REVOLTING, UGLY, ROTTEN, DIRTY, NASTY, ATROCIOUS, MIND-TWISTING, DECEITFUL, DISHONEST, DISRESPECTFUL, CARELESS, HEARTLESS, VICIOUS, MANIPULATIVE, VILE, RUDE, IRRITATING, INFURIATING, ANTAGONIZING, ENRAGING, HEART-BREAKING, HURTFUL, DISAPPOINTING, NAUGHTY, AND JUST EVIL!!!! All of this also led to people creating and make pornography out of kids cartoons which is also a crime!!! It's about high time they fix this messed up excuse for a cartoon and someone to teach Nickelodeon a valuable, meaningful, painful lesson once and for all!!! They will pay the price for their sinful, deceitful, manipulative ways as soon as this brand new and improved television networking law is made and sent to the whole, entire government! With this, it will put a strict end to all people with sexual, pornographic thoughts, plans, ideas, schemes, and all sexual business they try to mess with the minds of the public and the innocent! And if I were to create and make cartoons, I would do it the RIGHT,CLEAN, APPROPRIATE, PROPER, PLEASANT way!!! WITHOUT BENDING THE RULES OF FAMILY and CHILDREN VIEWERS and/or YOUNGER AUDIENCES, THAT IS!!! AND THIS GOES THE SAME TO ALL CURRENT CARTOONS FOR THE FANS, FOR THE CHILDREN, FOR THE PARENTS, FOR THE FUTURE OF CARTOONS, AND FOR THE FUTURE OF NICKELODEON AS WELL!!! THERE IS STILL A CHANCE TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT!!! IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE THEIR MINDS AND IT IS NEVER, EVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE THEIR WAYS!!! Perhaps Michael Jackson's song Man in the Mirror might clean up their act!!! They should know better than to provoke the viewers like they are STILL currently doing in other networks like DISNEY, AND CARTOON NETWORK!!! They also need the same lesson taught to them as well!!! We also even go to church and read the bible, so we know what it means to be GOOD and we also know what it means to do what is RIGHT!!! People still putting hidden inappropriate things in Family-Children cartoon TV shows that should NEVER be there in the 1st place!!! Yet they continue this CARTOON-CRISIS by winning people over with toys and video games from the same exact cartoons!!! They using the TV Y7 as A MASK TO COVER TO CREATORS AND THEIR TRUE FEELINGS OF MAKING THE TV SHOWS TO KEEP PULLING WOOL OVER OUR EYES FOR THEM TO THINK THEY ARE FOOLING US WITH THIS GAME-CHANGE CHARADE TO SPREAD FURTHER IN THE UNITED STATES TO THE WORLD, LIKE A VIRUS SCATTERING THE DISEASE UNTIL EVERYONE IS INFECTED BY IT, DEVELOPING THE VIRUS IN THEM, TOO!!! THIS INSANITY HAS TO STOP RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW!!! WE WILL NOT HAVE ANYMORE OF THIS MASS CONFUSION TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TO SACRIFICE OUR NEW GENERATIONS OF FAMILY-CHILDREN TV CARTOON FILMS!!! NOT FROM THE LIKES OF NICKELODEON, DISNEY, CARTOON NETWORK, AND EVERY OTHER KIDS NETWORK PROGRAM IN THE UNITED STATES!!! TIME TO PUT A PERMANENT, SEVERE, STRICT, SWIFT END TO THIS NETWORK NIGHTMARE!!! THEY ARE MAKING EVERYONE SAD, ANGRY, THAT WE COMPLAIN, RAVE, RANT, YELL, SCREAM, AND EVEN END UP CRYING TEARS OF ENDLESS SORROW!!! SO THINK ABOUT IT!!!  Please??? Do it for the Loud House Fans' sake!!! For the children's sake!!! For the Parents' sake, too!!! And please, please, PLEASE do it for me as well. Do not EVER give up on doing what is right. We can Never do This alone!!! We need reinforcements!!! We need back up!!! We need trillions of people to support this new idea plan in order to save the Future Generations of Family-Children Cartoons History to last a life time! This is our Biggest Chance to Change the naughty, deceitful, manipulative ways since year 2010!!  PLEASE,  WE ARE DESPERATE, WE ARE CRITICAL, WE ARE SERIOUS, AND WE ARE DOING THIS FOR THE GOOD OF OUR FUTURE!!!