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Release "Clockman" #KeepTheClockTicking

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In 1977, an animated short called "Clockman" started airing on the channel "Pinwheel" (Now known as Nickelodeon) that gave nightmares to a whole lot of children and adults alike. The short was aired until the mid 80's and was never aired again. In 2012 a hunt was started for the short. The short is about "a young girl making a deal with a wizard, after losing her red shoes; the deal being that the wizard would replace the shoes, so long as the child told her mother about the extraordinary event. Incidentally, the girl decides not to tell her mother, to which the wizard responds by emerging out of her wall clock, snatching her up and demanding an explanation. She eventually agrees to make it up to the wizard by sewing stars to be placed in the night sky, before being returned to her mother, to whom she then recounts the entire experience." 

The release of this short could mean the end of 30 years worth of nightmares for many people.

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