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Reboot "The Last Airbender" Movie

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When news broke out that a live-action feature film based on the beloved and critically acclaimed Avatar: The Last Airbender, us die-hard fans were excited as ever! Who knew we would get the chance to relive this show on the big screen! We were promised a movie that would be faithful and reminiscent to the original series. But alas, we never did get that film.

What we experienced was one of the worst films in cinema historyThe Last Airbender was an insult to the original series due to its dull and lifeless acting, very poor character development, a sloppy and incomprehensible plot, terrible dialogue, unnecessary changes from the source material, and worst of all, a director who let it all happen. Critics, fans, and audiences universally panned this film, and as if that is not enough, the movie swept the 31st Golden Raspberry Awards (a ceremony which honors the worst films) with eight nominations and five wins including Worst Picture.

It has been four years since the movie was released in 2010 and with no sequel announced or in sight, it seems the plug has been pulled on continuing the trilogy. Therefore, we are petitioning for Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures to reboot The Last Airbender and deliver us the film that we were promised! Of course, this cannot be done without the support from every fan! If you agree with this petition, sign it and share it. Show Nickelodeon and Paramount that we care about our beloved show's legacy and that they need to redeem themselves for allowing such a careless director to taint Avatar: TLA's image.

As for Nickelodeon and Paramount, we understand that rebooting this film will not be an easy task, especially since it was critically panned. But realize that The Last Airbender has the potential to be one of the greatest fantasy/adventure epics of all time...just look at what it is based on. You just have to find a worthy director, cast, and crew that can bring Team Avatar to life! Do it for the can be done!

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