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Nickelodeon: Please cancel Studio 10.

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Nickelodeon's new 2-hour block, Studio 10, interrupts children's programming in the middle of their shows to showcase teenagers behaving in a lewd manner. Such examples include farts in a jar, stomping on piles of fruit, wasting large amounts of food, and dancing around in men's briefs for no apparent reason.

Parents and children have expressed their concerns about Studio 10 on Nickelodeon's official Studio 10 Facebook fan page. The person responsible for running the Studio 10 page told several parents and kids to stop complaining and to enjoy the show rather than addressing viewers' concerns maturely and working with viewers to resolve the issues. There have also been instances where the Studio 10 fan page has banned people who tried to voice their concerns.

It is evident based on the evidence above and the many complaints all over the internet (the FCC, including Facebook that Studio 10 is entirely too inappropriate for television and needs to be taken off the air so that Nickelodeon's viewers can enjoy watching their favorite shows without being interrupted in an unexpected, unprofessional manner.

We are hoping that Nickelodeon will take more responsible steps to improving the quality of its programming by playing an active role in listening to their viewers' concerns instead of disregarding them.

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