Nickelodeon: End your partnership with Autism Speaks

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On April 2nd 2020, Autism Awareness Day, Nickelodeon announced that they have partnered with the charity organization Autism Speaks.

However, Autism Speaks is regarded by many, especially by autists and their relatives, to be a hate group.

They claim to be a charity, yet the heads of their companies make millions off it each year.

They claim to speak for people with autism, yet none of their company heads are autistic, and some that were have left precisely because the organization is opposed by so many autists, and grew to oppose it themselves.

They claim to support people with autism, yet they use fearmongering and straight up lies to spread their influence and recieve money. They abuse the disability of others in order to make profit. And each time someone partners with them, they get more attention, and more money. This needs to stop.

Imagine, for example, that cancer sufferers and survivors collectively opposed an organization like the American Cancer Society. Would you still want to support a group which is opposed mainly by those who they claim to help? If your answer is no, then you should not support Autism Speaks.

It should thus stand to reason that we hereby petition that Nickelodeon cease their support for Autism Speaks.