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Make Teenage Mecha Ninja Turtles into TV SHOW!

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Today nickelodeon started releasing new TMNT Summer shorts and this one is quite a sight to behold! Mecha turtles, Future city NYC, Teenage kids piloting mecha suits! Each one having their respective color scheme and personality that reflects on the robots/turtles they pilot, TWO GIRLS, TWO BOYS (Even steven)-PLUS THE RED head girl is the leader!? Clashing against a boy (Like Leo and Raphael!). Plus the anime styling of it abit, and as long as they don't overplay gassy humor like fart jokes and kept toilet humor to a minimum, I'd say this would make for an incredible tv series be it on nickelodeon OR Netflix! And Mikey is their sensei-It's like Power rangers dino thunder when tommy mentored the new rangers! Or Batman beyond wise!

I like to propose we get as many signatures as possible, show the creator of the short AND NICKELODEON and Netflix that we need to get this show green lited asap! It needs to happen! Be it a tv show, comic series or whatever! We gotta make this into a reality!

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