Make a full version of the Nick India dab video

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

With the sensation of the Nick India dab video sweeping the internet, it’s no question that we’re hungry for more. This video has brought smiles, cool clothes, happiness, attitude, inspiration, new hand moves, and creativity to millions. However, we can only last so long with a 30 second long clip. That’s why we’re petitioning for Nick India to make a full version of this song. We’re not asking for much, just a few verses and a couple choruses. 

People of Nick India, I know that you’re very busy people, but I hope you can find it somewhere in your heart to gift the people what they so desire.

People of the Internet, all I ask is that you offer your support in this time of need. Please sign this petition and share it with anyone you can.

Thank you.