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Make a Fairly Odd Phantom Crossover Trilogy Movie with #DannyPhantom & #FairlyOddParnets

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After Butch Hartman made & release this Epic Crossover short called #FairlyOddPhantoms it gained a lot positive praise & great reception and it's all because of #DannyPhantom (the fan-favorite #Nicktoon) and after watching the epic Crossover short, i think it should become a #TVMovieTrilogy like #FairlyOddParents did for #Wishology cause we need more Movie like that from the great creator of these shows #ButchHartman beacuse besides Fairly Odd Parents others shows from him deserve more Reconigtion like #DannyPhantom of course ( cause he has a much bigger fan-base than Fairly Odd Parents, and he has more stories to tell from his show) 

Butch also confirmed that the shows are now in the same universe so i think it would make more sense to turn this short in to a #TrilogyMovie like #Wishology (but each film for the Trilogy needs to be 90 minutes, like Channel Chasers & Abra-Catastraphe) because each character will have more screen time, we fans want to see more #DannyPhantom in it and i could see the scenes that Dudley, Bunsen and Cosmo would make would be hilarious. It would be cool to features every villian that was feautred in Butch's show like Vicky, Crocker, Vlad Plasmius, Technus, Snaptrap, and of course the new villian rookie Amanda Killman, But a Big Unnamed Villian that wants to threatend all 4 home worlds of each characters. 

If the Trilogy does happen we need to see #TrixieTang, she is the only person i can see be Timmy's love interest and also the short proves that Fialry Odd Parents can do fine with out new main characters plus this short was very special to us fans, it was part of #NickAnimation25 and also it would be a hit if Butch made it into a Trilogy. Also we need to see Timmy and Danny interact with each other cause they did interact with each other a lot during #NicktoonsUnite & #NicktoonsBattle4VolcanoIsland so it would make sense to have them do scenes together.

Also, the animation for the Crossover Trilogy needs to be in the the same format as the #DannyPhantom short, not Flash animation because traditional animation was way better back & i like how Butch Animates his shows in traditional animation so please make the Trilogy hand-drawn animated like the short was.

and also in March 4th Butch's new show #BUNSENisaBEAST will be doing a crossover episode with #FairlyOddParents (which could mean or start off something) which could hint, tease or start off something in the (Near) Future like an EPIC TV TRILOGY MOVIE SAGA for all 4 of Butch's shows, So If want to see a BIG Trilogy starring all characters from all 4 of Butch's shows and want to see more of #DannyPhantom in it and let him be the star, then please sign & support my petition and Retwet #FairlyOddPhantoms, #BringBackDannyPhantom #FairlyOddTrilogy #TUFFPuppy #BUNSENisaBEAST & #FairlyOddParents

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