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Greenlight "Invader Zim" Revival

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Hello Nickelodeon. Long time ago, we have heard that your executives were considering make a revival of Invader Zim, with Jhonen Vasquez returning as producer. However, the revival was never greenlighted for budget problems in 2010. CENSORED! And the potential G.I.R. shorts were cancelled in 2011! NOOOOOOOOO!

For that reason, we have decided to try to convince their executives for make more seasons of Invader Zim (according with ChannelFrederator YouTube channel video "107 Invader Zim Facts", the original idea was finish Invader Zim after five seasons). 

If their executives decide to make more season, plot points and storylines could be the unfinished episodes, like "The Trial", "Nubs of Doom", "Return of Keef", "Simon Says "Doom"", "Mopiness of Doom", "Invader Poonchy", "When Pants Ruled!", "Day of da Spookies", more episodes focusing on Zim's and Tak's relation (could be romantic), etc. But the more important release need to be "Invader Dib" (for attract the public attention, their executives could get the project a theatrical release). Please Nickelodeon, many fans and I miss this series! Their executives and your programming blocks are the best!

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