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Continue the Avatar series

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   I have fallen in love with The Last Air-bender and Legend of Korra series. The series always has that action and plot that catches a person's eye instantly. My reason for this petition is to give ideas to continue the Avatar story. There are four different bending skill: air, water, earth, and fire. Since the next Avatar would be earth it would be awesome to continue the series more into the future where more crime and new villains arise to give an intense and thrilling story line to keep fans, young and old, satisfied.
   Avatar The Last Air-bender and The Legend of Korra has made an impact to children across the globe. As it does take time to create and develop a show, some fans are hoping for more. Because the next avatar is in Earth kingdom, people are willing to suggest ideas to assist you. It would mean a lot to children and adults alike for you to continue the series. The fans don't want credit and have no immoral intentions, they truly just desire more from the show. More than thousands of people are hoping for the cycle to continue. The show has been put together so well and has so much depth, which people crave to know more about the earth avatar. I myself have watched this show to when I was a child. The lessons that children can learn from the series, no other creators could portray better. As I know many who would be willing to watch the show. It would mean a lot to fans, including me. As I take this seriously, some other fans along with me, have made a petition. 
   Nickelodeon, fans, and others we need your help and support. Thank you

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