Re-Boot of the show “The Secret World of Alex Mack”

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The show “The Secret World of Alex Mack” was one of the highest rated TV series In Nickelodeon’s history. When the show ended; it left so many doors open and many unanswered questions! The fans have always been outspoken even 20 years later (they’re currently doing press junkets celebrating the 20th anniversary of the show) for a reboot of the now-infamous show. It was a show that kept you entertained and mesmerized (and I know many people used to want to morph more than anything) but it also showcased so many things TV shows of today don’t. The Mackers (fans of the show) have been so outspoken, so determined, and so supportive of the show that the entire cast is willing to relive and revive the show in which ”an average teenage girl that was walking home from school one day when some chemical truck hit her, and she was doused with some strange chemical” that left her far but “average” — the cast, the fans, and the world is ready for a reboot, and we need to show the TV executives there’s a demand for it! Help us by signing this petition, and you never know; we could be reliving our teenage years and act as if we were in our favorite orange couch catching up on what Alex, Annie, Barbra, George, Ray, Robyn, Louis, Scott, Kelly, Dave, Vince, Danielle, and so many other cast members have been up to the last 20 years. Did Alex have children? What happened after Danielle went to jail? Has Alex suffered any side effects from being covered in GC1-61? What did Annie end up doing after College? What happened to the chemical plant after it got shut down? Did Dave find a new job, or did he stay in his trailer with Oscar? Did the families who were tested in the chemical plant for “weight loss” ever experience what Alex did? Are there other people zapping things and morphing from place to place? So many unanswered questions that could finally be answered with your help! Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel to follow this fantastic journey that wouldn’t even be a thought if it weren’t for you fans!

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