Regional Sponsored Visa Changes

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.The change of Employer sponsored Visas in favour of more Australians than foreigners getting permanent employment and as a result migrants having no option but returning to their countries after a short stay visa.The truth is it is your parents in aged care homes suffering because of shortage of staff. Not every Australian wants to care for their elderly and wipe their elderly parents bottom. For most migrants, caring for their elderly is culture and a blessing. Not every Australian wants to be a nurse and as a result of the change of Employer sponsored Visas, there's a shortage of nursing staff. we are all migrants if we look at it that way, we all don't deserve to be in this beautiful country. international students and migrants make up for the economy boost that this country needs. let's pause for a moment and think of the real impact this change has. if your parents were sent back after 2 years or 4 years, some of you wouldn't be the leaders you are today in this free land. In 20 years you will be in a nursing home and you will then understand why you need those migrants who genuinely come to Australia to make a positive impact to the country. Please help over turn the decision