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Reinstate Easton Doran to run for VP Services

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As many of you already know, our fellow student, friend and VP Services candidate Easton Doran was disqualified from running in UBCO's student election. Although a tremendous amount of sensationalised controversy, outrage and opinions succeeded at clouding the details of the incident, the unjust manner that this situation was dealt with could not be more clear.

The simple facts remain that although Easton did include prohibited material in his campaign that would disqualify him from running - his campaign materials were submitted for Pre-Approval to the CRO (Nick Ross) who AUTHORIZED his campaign. Easton was never given the opportunity to edit his campaign materials and was not provided with the guidance that our student fees pay the CRO to provide. 

The bylaws state that there is no "appeals committee"  and therefor no going back on Nick's decision to disqualify Easton. This is unacceptable on a number of levels. The purpose of the executive roles and student election in the SUO primarily should be to foster and inspire leadership and governance among our student body in preparation for entering the real world so that our students and future adults of this world will feel that they do have a say and a voice in Canada's democratic political arena. The message that this series of events sends to our student body is: Your elected officials deal with things unjustly and there is Nothing that you can do about it. Not only is that NOT true, but it is simply NOT okay. 

Whether you plan on voting for Easton in this election or not, sign this petition to help set the precedence that WE, as a collective, united student body at UBCO ARE the appeals committee and that WE are not going to tolerate an unjust system that our student fees pay to support. Sign this petition to reinstate Easton Doran in the student election.    


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