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Nick Paul stole the Allen Iverson Petition

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Because the subject of my petition that was stolen word for word is all about originality and standing for what you believe in.

I am the original petitioner who is close to a friend of the subject that the petition is about and I have their full blessing. Unfortunately the petition was hijacked by This posting who chose to copy our content and start a crusade. Here is the original link by me that I posted on May 16, 2012 and somehow Change suppressed the info. by Seean Robrt Wright. We have to be right with ourselves before we can look for what is right for Allen Iverson. Starting a petition by jacking a true supporter and activist on for your own personal attention is not a good start in the fight for justice. Allen Iverson is about originality and confidence, not jacking fellow brothers and sisters work so that he can shine and that is what made him so great! He did not set out to be the next Michael Jordan or anybody else, He competed against, and crossed Michael Jordan over showing the world at large, the first Allen Iverson. Me and my supporters ask Nick to learn to be original, and for you all to support our original content and fight for justice for AI the right way, not the copied way.


Here is his link with our stolen petition:

If Nick Paul is willing to do the right thing. Credit us for our  work, or delete the content taken from me. We can work together and he can support us and in return we can support him if he really wants to fight for justice.


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