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Include the Rowdyruff Boys in the Powerpuff Girls reboot

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Seriously, it's honestly about time the Rowdyruff Boys appeared in the Powerpuff Girls reboot. In their appearances, I only don't want the writers to do a Teen Titans Go. So basically, they shouldn't:

- Poke fun at the RRB's popularity among the fandom.

- Poke fun at how the RRBs are popular shipping targets.

- Troll us into thinking that the RRBs are going to appear when they actually don't or are only onscreen for a few seconds.

Now remember, once you sign this petition, please share it and post links to this petition on all social media you have (mabye even email a link to this petition to the writers...). Because the faster this petition gets 100 signatures, the sooner we can get our episodes of the reboot with the Rowdyruff Boys in them. Also, they should also be added to official merchandise for the reboot. That way, they'd be sure to get more exposure in the PPG universe.

P. S. I'm also leaving it up to you, the writers, to decide whether their original voice actors should reprise their roles or not.

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