Install change tables in men's washrooms

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Over the past 3 months while my husband has been on paternal leave he has taken our daughter to Tim Hortons on many occasions. These are different locations across Ontario and Canada. A number of times he has had to change her diaper only to find out that Tim Hortons locations do not install change tables in the men's washroom. He would then need to change her in the car. Today, he just informed me that he had to change her on the lawn because of where he was parked he couldn't get the door open enough to the car.

Why is it that change tables are not in all men's washrooms. Especially at a Canadian family establishment such as Tim Hortons. I take offence to this practice as to me, this implies that child care is the sole responsibility of the woman. Wake up, Tim Hortons. It's 2013!

Please share this to help me and other families force Tim Hortons to put change tables in all of the men's washrooms across Canada. If, in three months, they haven't fixed this issue I will boycott, and I hope you do too.

Jennifer Bouyoukos
Aurora, ON