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Launch a mobile app for 999 Emergency Services

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Today when you make a call to emergency services, first you need mobile signal to make a 999 phone call. Once you make 999 call then you need to tell what service you want, that’s easy. Next thing you have to tell is the exact location and that can take anytime between 2-10 minutes if you are reporting an emergency incident as a passer-by to help someone who desperately needs an emergency service and you are not aware of exact location i.e. street name, door number etc. This could lead into delays in getting the emergency services help and reduces the chance of saving lives.


Today mobile apps are capable of reporting the exact location in fraction of second so launching a mobile app for 999 Emergency Services will be a good solution. People can install the 999 mobile app on their mobile in advance to allow their identity being registered with Emergency Services. This will help them and Emergency Services both when they report an emergency as the 999 mobile app can not only send their exact location but can also associate their identify and if its safe then allow person to capture a brief video of the incident using mobile app and send that across so that the team responding to that emergency situation are prepared to deal with it whilst they are on their way.

The 999 mobile app can be built to make no sound (e.g. keystrokes, no ringtones, recording video), this will allow people to report incidents without making any sound in the event of terror attacks.

This could really help Emergency Services as they will have lot more information about the incident. Emergency Services can deploy some artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse reported data to find out more about the incident quite quickly (e.g. roughly how many people in danger or stuck).

This solution is not supposed to replace the 999 phone call but will offer alternative way to report the emergency and in certain scenarios it can be more efficient and would reduce the 999 call volumes.

The 999 mobile app can also allow people to make 999 phone call from within the mobile app and that will reduce the average duration of 999 calls as location and caller’s identity would be already known to the 999 operator.

The 999 mobile app can work on WiFi / 4G internet connection and can be used to report emergency incidents where mobile signals are poor or unavailable (e.g. underground platform).

Why I am starting this petition?

I made two 999 calls in last couple of months reporting emergency as a passer-by. One was to police reporting a street fight near Trafalgar Square and second was when a man fell unconscious near London Bridge. Both locations are key tourist spots and easy to find however it took me more than 10 minutes to find the road name (i.e. Northumberland Avenue) for 999 operator as they could not trace the location when I said Traffic Lights at Tesco Express on Trafalgar Square. For second near London Bridge, 999 operator could not trace the location as I could not find the door number and street name. I did mention the name of two nearby restaurants but all attempts failed. Fortunately the man who fell unconscious started responding with people splashing water on his face. However one point it felt that the man was having a cardiac arrest and I could not find the street name and door number while I was on phone with 999 operator for 4 minutes. For this reason I feel compelled to start this petition.

I think that the 999 mobile app could help immensely to the Emergency Services and the people living or visiting UK. Please sign this petition to help make it happen.

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