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Put lives before politics

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Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have prevented the House of Commons from debating the Medical Innovation Bill. They won't even let MPs - who represent us - vote on the Bill.

This is a Bill that has been debated four times in the House of Lords, amended, improved and passed to the House of Commons unanimously with cross-party support from the Tory and Labour parties.

It has been subject to a full, 40-day, government-run public consultation.

It has been reviewed and improved by Prof Sir Bruce Keogh, the Medical Director of the NHS.

The Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, said, in a statement to Parliament that if you the people wanted it, he would pass it.

But before it could be debated in the Commons Nick Clegg said no. He stopped it in its tracks.

My son Harrison has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. A fatal condition with no treatment or cure. There are things we could try but the doctor won't prescribe them for fear of being sued.

The average treatment takes 20 years to reach the bedside. In that time my son and many other patients with rare cancers and diseases will die.

If the evidence backs it up, and the treatment is proven to be safe why can't we have early access?

The Bill seeks to provide clarity and certainty for patients and doctors at the point of treatment, by setting clear statutory criteria for responsible and irresponsible innovation. 

All we want, for our children, our families, ourselves - is a choice to try new, innovative treatments - with our doctor's agreement and support. If that choice is available, we want to be the ones to decide. 

Not Nick Clegg.

He has decided to kick the Bill into the long grass, so that MPs - whom we elect to discuss, debate and decide on big issues affecting our very lives - cannot vote on this Bill. 

All we want is for Nick to change his mind - before time for debate runs out, before time in this Parliament runs out, and before time for us runs out. 

Sign this petition and demand Nick Clegg allows the Bill to be debated.

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Petition Closed

This petition had 4,229 supporters

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