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Start a universal cryonics care program to preserve people after death

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To accompany accessible healthcare for citizens, a universal cryonics care system should also be created and put into place.

Cryonics is the preservation of the human body or brain for future revival.

Current cryonics and brain preservation procedures may allow for enough of an individual to be preserved in order for them to be brought back in the future – these individuals who are our family, friends, acquaintances and inspirations.

Present healthcare ends at or near the currently defined point of medical or legal death. After which people are processed in ways that drastically reduce the chance of them being revived via future technologies e.g. burial without preservation or cremation.

Hundreds of thousands of people die every day, and if we could preserve them and bring them back at a later time point when we can make much better use of resources and space we could gain access to our loved ones, their skills and talents once more as well as saving their lives from burial and cremation processes that decrease the chances of ever seeing them again.

Brain banking and data warehousing of individual's brains and personal data now exists for academic research and in private industry. Similar banking and warehousing procedures could be implemented to preserve humans for future revival.

Preserving people and their data would, with non-invasive and anonymised research methods, be a valuable resource for forensic science – including forensic neuroscience, forensic biometrics and forensic linguistics. Being able to analyse personality, biometric and brain data for a single person and also for multiple people might also give insights as to how to live longer and healthier lives.

Additional benefits to this campaign and petition are:

1) Awareness and advocacy for lifespan extension technologies
2) Funding and developing next generation industries and technologies that will also benefit regenerative medicine and other technologies needed to meet the demands of an ageing population
3) Raise awareness that many members of government and the healthcare industry expect you to get age related diseases and then die – should people with this attitude be in positions of power and responsibility?


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