Ban Plastic Straws in New Zealand

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We are all affected by single-use plastic. 

Nick Smith, as The Minister of the Environment, New Zealand implores you to ban plastic straws. Plastic constitutes 90% of trash found in the ocean, and straws are among the top ten marine debris items. New Zealand McDonald’s serves 1 million customers per week, and presumptively displaces an equal amount of straws. Most straws aren’t recyclable, and this is just one franchise, so imagine, just how many INSIGNIFICANT plastic straws are sitting at the bottom of the ocean and contributing to MASSIVE environmental destruction? Although certain US-Presidents might be denying the causes of Climate Change, New Zealand’s not going to join em.

Nick, we don’t have time to wait for consumer habits to change. The use of plastic needs to be regulated, so why not start with the insignificant-yet-significant, plastic straw?

Why say no to single-use plastic?

  • Plastic constitutes 90% of trash found in the ocean, and straws are among the top ten marine debris item
  • The size might seem insignificant, however, these superfluous utensils are often consumed by fish, in fact, over half of the world’s sea turtles have eaten plastic debris.
  • Once exposed to the sun, Plastic Straws break down to insidious, more harmful pieces in the ocean. This is digested by sea-creatures and in turn, digested by humans.
  • Most one-time-use straws are made from polypropylene which is made from petroleum. This perpetuates our reliance on fossil fuels, which exacerbates climate change.

New Zealand was founded on the idea of ‘Clean and Green’. In the Colonial era, our luscious and abundant forests lured the British away from the industrial revolution, and in the 1980’s we made our stance known to the world when we became the first western-allied nation to be Nuclear Free! Being ‘Clean and Green’ is our point of pride. It’s our kiwi identity. We are revolutionary by nature, but it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Let’s take small steps back to paradise! Let’s say no to the superfluous, disposable and unsustainable unnecessities. Let’s be real. The world needs us to keep creating firsts. So, let’s raise our glasses to New Zealand as the world’s FIRST PLASTIC-STRAW-FREE COUNTRY!