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Stop the throwing away of thousands of good books.

This is important because our universities have a practice of throwing away perfectly good books.

At Nicholls they are throwing away Bibles, Math, Science, History, Sociology, Nursing, Religious, Arts, Music, Social Work, Foreign Language, Speech therapy, Encyclopedias, Children's books, etc. 

Some are very old and provide historical references for people writing papers on subjects. Some are as new as 2010. Some are classics like 1984, one of the most assigned books at the college Freshman level. Now we will only have one copy of this book. So if you're a poor student who can't afford to shell out a couple hundred dollars a semester for textbooks I hope you're the first in line for the book you need.

I ask you to stand with me and demand that Nicholls State University stop throwing away books. Please sign this petition and share your opinion on why this practice is so disgusting.

Thanks to Brandon Naquin for the picture.


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