A Public Inquiry into why the Seawatch subdivision in Sechelt was ever built

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The Seawatch subdivision should not have been developed. Warning signs were everywhere. The fact is though, it was developed and 14 families are trying to live there now. For 4 years they have lived behind cement walls. Now all vehicular and pedestrian access is denied as all exits have now been permanently blocked by a cement wall. Six years ago this could have been fixed, Why wasn't it? Who is responsible to fix the broken storm sewer pipes? Can it still be fixed? Why is no one admitting that this is wrong? Where are the elected officials with courage to say there were mistakes made but we will make it right. Lives are being ruined and it is happening in our backyard. Let's make those in power affect a positive change for the people who live at Seawatch and say enough is enough. Sign and share please!